Four Facts About Domain Names

Studies have revealed that the modern consumer is review-centric. His/her purchases are informed by an online search of a business or a service; reviews from other users associated with the business or service will determine whether he/she purchases a product or declines it. Forward-thinking digital marketers advise businesses to have a website and increase their online presence. However, companies that are unwilling to have a website yet can acquire a domain name. Many people have a limited understanding of domain names owing to misconceptions that have been peddled for years. Here are four facts about domain names that will boost your knowledge on them.

Fact #1: Domain name registration is easy
A person in need of a domain name needs only a few minutes to acquire one. There many online companies providing services pertaining to domains such as domain name search coupled with name suggestions. Also, the companies provide auxiliary services such as web hosting and website design for individuals wishing to use their acquired domain names to set-up a website.

Fact #2: Individuals/ businesses without a website can have a domain name
Think of a name that aptly describes your business or service. You can register that name as a domain name before creating a website. Even without a website, a domain will benefit owners in different ways. You can use your acquired domain name as a web address that redirects customers to your desired website. Also, a domain name can be used to make an entity look more professional if it is incorporated into the branding of an official email address.

Fact #3: The cost of owning a domain name is reasonable
While many people hear the name “domain name” and associate it with a lot of cash, the truth is that a domain name cost as low as $0.99 annually. As it is cheap to acquire a domain name, businesses may easily purchase a lot of them. Digital marketing experts advise businesses to secure domain names that are relevant to their brand. Some benefits accrue to firms that have many domain names associated with them. For example, with many strategic domain names, a business can apply a relevant domain name to a particular marketing campaign. Also, when a business acquires all domain names that can easily be associated with it, the business protects itself from opportunists who may want to ride on a company’s name or reputation.

Fact #4: The providing company can repossess a domain name
Since a domain name attracts an annual fee, a person who fails to renew his or her domain name(s) may lose to name. The providing company will resell the domain name to another willing buyer; this is dangerous as someone may quickly take ownership of something you have invested a lot of resources to build.

With the four relevant facts in mind, businesses are encouraged to secure domain names. Even without a website, a company will benefit immensely by having a suitable domain name. One fascinating thing about domain names is that time is a key factor in acquiring them; a domain name that was available a few hours ago may be unavailable at the moment. Secure a domain name today as you plan on building your website.


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